Home Alarm and Home Security Tips You and Your Family Can Practice

Either a DIY home alarm or a home alarm system installed by a home security provider can reduce the risk of a burglar successfully targeting your home. However, there are many additional precautions you can take by following some useful home alarm tips. Learn about safety measures for children and elderly loved ones, fire, break–ins and more.

With professionally installed security systems, homeowners can get monitoring and assistance from a dependable provider through its monitoring centers. With DIY home alarm systems, only the homeowner can keep track of the activity in and outside of the home. Plus, the DIY alarm owner will have to call for help on his own in an emergency, whereas a home security dispatcher can contact the appropriate authorities on your behalf.

Easy–to–follow general home alarm tips

Help protect yourself from burglary, fire and other dangers by implementing these easy home security tips:

Invest in a home security system

While a reputable home security provider is the optimal choice for an alarm system, there are DIY home alarm systems that you can install yourself. The main difference is that DIY systems don’t come with 24–hour monitoring from a home alarm company. You could also end up paying more than you planned for if your DIY handiwork doesn’t measure up. Spend your money wisely on alarm system prices and packages with a trusted provider. Save time, money and the hassle of do–it–yourself home security by leaving it to the experts.

Make security a daily habit

By incorporating these home alarm system tips into a regular safety routine, you can fortify your security from both the inside and outside of your house.

  • Be sure all your exterior doors have fortified hinges and sturdy deadbolt locks.
  • Sliding glass doors should have a stick or a pole in the bottom track for extra reinforcement.
  • Never hide spare keys in obvious places. Under doormats and flowerpots are the first places burglars will usually look. Instead, leave an extra set with a trusted neighbor.

Protect against fires

Although we think of winter and summer as the prime seasons for fires, accidental blazes happen year–round. Make sure you and your family are aware of hazards and that you have a fire escape plan that includes two exits out of every room.

  • Install fire and smoke alarms/detectors in your home — especially in or near bedrooms. And don't forget to check and replace the batteries at least once a year. Every October brings Fire Prevention Week, when your local news outlets and other resources will remind you to take precautions like these, in addition to offering other home alarm system tips.
  • Make sure appliances and grills are turned off completely before you're done using them and never leave them unattended. Candles, cigarettes and fire pits should also be extinguished completely (use water to ensure they are not burning), and never leave an open flame unattended.

Everyone can learn from home security tips

Homeowners should make sure everyone in the household — young and old — knows how to use wireless alarm systems to call for help, to arm and disarm the system or enter their personal passcode in the keypad. Familiarizing your family with these home alarm tips can help you prevent false alarms — and deal with any actual emergencies that may arise.