Home Alarm Systems Serve as a Watchdog for Your Home and Family

Knowledge is important when you go shopping for home alarm systems, and we have the knowledge you need.

You aren't just looking for affordable home monitoring options. You want to find home security systems that offer good quality and effectiveness in helping to protect your home and family. While you care about price, home monitoring features and services are also important. You want to find a security plan that satisfies your protection needs and budget.

This website is a resource for buyers who want to be smart consumers and purchase the best home monitoring for their households.

Home security systems guard against danger

When many people think of home security systems, burglary prevention is the first benefit that comes to mind. However, home monitoring is advantageous in other ways, as well.

Home alarm systems help ward off would–be intruders, but they also help protect your family from other hazards, including fires, carbon monoxide poisoning, floods and freezing temperatures. Not all home alarm systems cover these perils. Many home monitoring packages require additional sensors to help protect your home from environmental hazards.


Virtually all home alarm systems are designed to help protect your household from burglars. Standard home security systems generally come with entryway sensors that detect when a door or window is opened. Some home alarm systems also include motion detectors. Using infrared technology, these devices scan an interior area of your home for unexpected movements. Advanced motion detectors can sense an intruder, but also be set to ignore your cat or dog.

Sensors and detectors are usually hooked up to alarm equipment that sets off a siren and signals to your home monitoring company that a break–in has occurred. This technology might scare off the burglar and facilitate a faster response time from police.


Fires are an important home safety issue. Some home security systems are equipped to help protect your home from fires. This service sometimes requires you to buy an additional device. A smoke and heat sensor will help detect the first signs of a fire.

Early detection minimizes potential damage to your home and belongings and can help prevent injuries or even death. Check with your home monitoring company of choice and ask if it provides smoke and heat sensors.

Carbon monoxide

Home monitoring services may also include carbon monoxide detection. Carbon monoxide is an odorless, tasteless and colorless gas. Unfortunately, it is also extremely poisonous. Carbon monoxide poisoning can even lead to death if undetected and untreated.

To help protect your home from this hazard, look at home alarm systems that come with carbon monoxide detectors.


Flooding is also a serious problem in the United States. Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina woke up consumers and drew attention to the devastation that can result from heavy flooding. Entire houses can be wrecked, but even minor water damage can be an issue. Flood sensors hooked up to home alarm systems can help minimize this damage.


Freezing temperatures are a threat to your home and family. Extreme cold could harm your loved ones and your house.

Burst pipes are a major issue for many homeowners in the winter. Unlike many other liquids, water actually expands when it freezes. This chemical reaction is what causes pipes to burst when the water inside them turns to ice.

Ask your home security provider about getting an alarm system equipped with temperature sensors. If the temperature inside your home dips below a safe level, your monitoring company will receive an alert.

Choosing the right home monitoring company

There are a variety of factors that you need to take into account when you choose a security provider:

  • Years of experience. Choose a monitoring company that knows what it's doing. Several years of experience generally indicates that a provider has the necessary expertise to help thoroughly protect your family.
  • Monitoring centers. Security systems are connected to monitoring centers that provide help in the event of an emergency. More monitoring centers generally means that a company provides reliable service. If the centers are interconnected, you probably won't experience an interruption in service if one of the centers loses power.
  • Package offerings. Different families have different protection needs. Find a security provider that offers a variety of package options, including wireless alarm systems.

Compare different security providers until you find the best one for you and your family. Remember that the cheapest security package may not be as reliable, so don’t sacrifice quality for price.

A good security provider will have impressive credentials and different package options. Look through equipment offerings so you purchase all the necessary equipment to help keep your home safe. Ask your provider if these additional features cost extra or come with an additional monitoring fee.

Home security is worth your time and money. Just find a package that works for you.